GLOBAL CITY – LOCAL CITY is a proposal for the artistic exploration of the social, ecological, and political realities, and civic and social potentials in different cities, and of global city developments. After the research phase at nine City Labs, through residencies and festival programmes GC–LC createD new artistic work making visible specific issues relevant to different city phenomena.

GLOBAL CITY – LOCAL CITY was a network collaboration of the festivals SPIELART, Munich (GER), Baltic Circle, Helsinki (FIN), Homo Novus, Riga (LAT), August Dance Festival, Tallinn (EST), LIFT – The London International Festival of Theatre, London (GBR), Bunker, Ljubljana (SLO), Festival a/d Werf, Utrecht (NED) and ALK ANTARA Festival, Lisbon (POR). GLOBAL CITY – LOCAL CITY is an initiative of the network Theatre/Festivals in Transition (FIT).

Supported by The European Commission.