Kehä IIII (Ring IIII)

A white background with the words "Kehä IIII" four times in black futuristic font. Each time the text looks a little more blurry.

Baltic Circle – Kehä IIII – Illustration: Viivi Prokofjev

Following the logic of Helsinki’s ring roads I, II and III – the fourth ring is now opening. The new journalistic work travels further, wider and deeper. The stories presented in Kehä IIII (Ring IIII) have taken on themes from the Baltic Circle’s selected program, but the online publication has an independent voice.

Kehä IIII includes four long articles by experienced journalists flooding with facts, sharp remarks and new takes. The articles dive into gender, nature, traffic and futures. If the art is driven by the incomprehensible, journalism can further delve into topics whose injustice, history or absurdity go unnoticed.

The publication’s editor in chief is Tero Kartastenpää and its art director is Viivi Prokofjev. They have worked on the feminist journal Tulva together as well as the art magazine FAT – Finnish Art Today. The cover images are shot by four photographic artists.

After the festival, a public gathering was organised to further discuss the articles and their themes. Kehä IIII is a project initiated and produced by Baltic Circle Festival, and funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The following works were presented within the project: how to host something as a cloud by Emilia Kokko; Matter by Laine, Nylund & Palo; Halt Colonial Powers! seminar; and Sparks by Francesca Grilli.