Towards Reconsiliation

Photo of a light concrete wall, partially showing the words on the wall in their own lines: "finl, norv, svez" - presumably in some language Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Above the text is a pocket or sculpture made of birchbark.

Photo: Maaria Ylikangas

Baltic Circle’s Towards Reconsiliation project is connected to the work of the Sámi Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which began in Finland in the fall of 2023.

The purpose of the project is to bring together professionals at the art sector to consider what reconciliation means for Finnish art institutions and how they can be involved in promoting this, how the truth affects Finland’s identity, and what kind of new stories about Finland the reconciliation requires.

As part of its 2023 festival programme, the Baltic Circle organised a discussion that reflects on how the hearings lead to reconciliation. The event featured expert speeches from the commission’s Chair, Hannele PokkaHeidi Eriksen, the project manager of the Sámi psychosocial support unit Uvjj – Uvjâ – Uvja, mediator and conflict resolution professional Miriam Attias, and an expert on the structures of the art world, curator Taru Elfving.

In addition to public discussion, Baltic Circle organised a workshop aimed at professionals in the art sector, focusing on the role of Finnish art institutions and their potential as promoters of reconciliation.