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Club Ambedo

A poster-like image with a blue-white sky full of cumulus clouds in the background. However, dark smoke appears at the bottom of the picture. Above the picture is the text "Club Ambedo" in bright blue and the logos of Baltic Circle, UrbanApa and the Soft collective in black.

Image: Soft Collective


n. a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details— raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, feeling the bass beat in your chest— briefly soaking in the experience of being alive, an act that is done purely for its own sake.

When the world is going on a loop of catastrophe after catastrophe and the feeling, that life as we know it is coming to an end, is inescapable.

What better way to ground us than focusing on the sensory details of the dance floor. How the bass feels in your chest or how the lights flash behind your closed eyes.

Come find release and dance the night away at Club Ambedo, hosted by the Soft Collective.

DJ Line up:

Ima Iduozee
VJ Moody Bitch

During the night you will see Ritni Pieski’s Heahkastus, Angel’s performance as well as Kauri Sorvari and Jussi Ulkuniemi’s Suutelo.

About performances & performers:

The Soft Collective is dedicated to making better cultural spaces and evoking and processing emotions with music as our mediator.

The job of Master of Ceremony or MC is an important part of the club culture around the world. The Soft Collectives own approach is more about hosting and creating soundscapes together with the DJ. Collective has been doing MCing since 2021and it has become an important part for us to express and create spaces. MCing works as guidance for party people but also for the artists them selves and helps you to celebrate life like its your last day!

Joseysradios from East Helsinki is an energetic DJ who has known to bring the ambience and vibes to her performance. The past year Joseysradios has made a name for herself in club scenes in Helsinki. She has performane in different events and festivals. As she performs, she transported to a state of euphoria, where she aims to bring the audience along with her. Lets share its joy and energy together.

Ima Iduozee
Ima Iduozee is a DJ, choreographer and filmmaker, whose Afrobeats and amapiano-focused radio program “Papiz Recipes” plays on the frequencies of Ida radio. He has worked as a choreographer e.g. At the Finnish National Opera, the National Theatre, Stockholm and Helsinki City Theaters and the Savoy Theatre. Iduozee is also known for the music videos he directed for Yeboyah, Isaac Sene, Malla Malmivaara, Madboiali and PastoriPike, as well as for the short films he directed for the 2020 and 2021 Love and Anarchy film festival.

VJ Moody Bitch
From a warm and rose hued heart to the pitch black spiders and bats. Snakes and rats. Little bit of axolotls! <3 Behind the name VJ Moody Bitch stand a trans masc Nikolai Nordfors. He is 24-year old graphic designer who makes all his visual materials himself. He uses a lot of glitch art and juicy color. Enjoy the eye candy!

Angel is a gender nonconforming queer performer who hopes to inspire people by telling stories,  based in Helsinki. Expect sexy and campy storytelling by the softest in the game.

Ritni Pieski: Heahkastus
Máret Ásllat Ivvár Ovllá Nilla Ritni, Ritni Rávdnji Ráste Pieski (they/he) is a Teno-Sámi performance artist. They work e.g. with questions of drag, decolonisation and queerization.

Kauri Sorvari & Jussi Ulkuniemi: Suutelo
In the impro-based Suutelo two boys kiss and touch each other with lips. Kissing is their dance. It is sensorial communication, maybe learned, maybe instinctual behavior. It is an action that reaches beyond sexual and towards the political and physiological.

In the duet the couple reaches towards queer pleasure, intimacy and trans romance. The performers kiss, lick, suck and wrestle through the dance floor at the club.

In this work-in-progress duet Sorvari is working with dancer-photographer Jussi Ulkuniemi. It is a starting point for a bigger staged trio performance LABIA that premieres in 2023.

Kauri Sorvari is Helsinki/Berlin based performer and dance maker graduated from University of Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy (MA + BA, contemporary dance + musical theatre specialization track). He have also studied in Berlin (HZT, Solo, Dance & Authorship) and Turku Conservatory (classical music).

Sorvari works in the fields of contemporary dance, dance film, theatre, music theatre and participatory performance art. Besides working as a freelance-performer and a part of multiple working groups, Sorvari also enjoys teaching, choreographing and co-directing.

He is part of the transqueer sex-positive movement.

Jussi Ulkuniemi (he/they) is a Helsinki-based queer artist, dancer-maker, photographer and a pedagog. They have studied in Outokumpu Vocational School’s Dance and Movement Research studies, a BA in Dance in Theatre Academy, University of Arts in Helsinki and an exchange year in Inter-University Center For Dance in Berlin (HZT). They have worked as a photographer since 2013 and their dance-work both as a dancer and choreographer has been visible in Joensuu, Kuopio, Helsinki and Berlin from 2019 onward. Their personal style in dance stems from a vibrant mix of breakdance, capoeira, contact improvisation and techno-party culture of Berlin.

Jussi Ulkuniemi’s artistry revolves around themes of touch, intimacy and deep dialogue.

Fri 25.11. 22.00

Uutiskatu 2
00240 Helsinki