Vuosttaš álbmogat -klubba

Ailu Valle & DJ Uyarakq

An assumed man, dressed in a gákti, is looking straight at the camera. Behind him there is a landscape with a lake and behind the lake there are hills.

Photo: Marko Vasara

Vuosttaš álbmogat -klubba is a club focusing on new indigenous music hosted by Baltic Circle Festival since 2017.


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On the last night of the festival, a bonfire will light up the little cove at Lapinlahti as a sparkling transformation of the traditional Baltic Circle festival club, illuminating and gently warming the festive crowd in a time where special attention must be given to the act of coming together. The club features Sami rap artist Ailu Valle performing together with Greenlandic DJ Uyarakq.

Ailu Valle is a rap artist from Anár, Finnish side of Sápmi, who raps in Northern Sámi, Finnish and English. He has released three solo albums in Northern Sámi, “Dušši dušše duššat” (2012), “7” (2015) and “Viidon sieiddit” (2019). Valle won the Finnish State Culture Prize in 2019, granted by Taike and the Best Songwriter/ Composer prize of the year, granted by Sámi Music Awards and TONO Norway in 2020.

Aqqalu Berthelsen, also known as Uyarakq, is a self-taught music producer, composer and DJ born in Nuuk, Greenland. Berthelsen, who has his background in metal music, is currently working in the Indigenous circumpolar hip hop and rap scene with a foot in two continents, the North American arctic and the European arctic. Berthelsen won a Greenlandic Koda Award in 2015 for his solo album Raatiu Nukik (2014) and got nominated for Nordic Councils Music Prize in 2016 for the collaborative work Kunngiitsuuffik (2015) alongside the Greenlandic rapper Peand-eL. He is now living in Inari, Northern Finland/Sápmi.

Sat 28.11. 20.00

Fahlanderin puistokuja 10

The event is outside. Dress accordingly.

Price: free entry €

For participant:


The event happens outdoors, and the location can be reached by staying on the paths of Lapinlahti park. An accessible toilet can be found in the old Lapinlahti hospital building.

If you need a wheelchair ramp, please call +358 41 7170953 upon arrival.