Tani Simberg

Baltic Circle jubilee exhibition

Photo from the club: in the foreground you can see the black shadows of dancing people and in front of them one performer illuminated by red spotlights. The performer has their hand in the air.

Photo: Tani Simberg / Baltic Circle 2017

The photographer Tani Simberg has documented Baltic Circle’s performances, audiences and parties every year since the festival began. Simberg has an ability to capture energies and tones with unique sensitivity; in her hands, the documents become timeless artworks.

Over two decades, Simberg has followed the expansion of Baltic Circle from a Nordic-Baltic theatre community into an internationally renowned theatre festival that has its finger on the pulse of society and the phenomena of the present moment in time.

For the festival’s jubilee edition, Simberg will compile a collection of her archived images from attics, photo albums, negatives and hard drives. The exhibition takes the viewer on a voyage through motifs, times and tensions. It shows developments in both the festival and the world of theatre and performance at large.

Fri 20.11. 14.00
Sat 21.11. 14.00
Sun 22.11. 12.00
Mon 23.11. 14.00
Wed 25.11. 14.00
Thu 26.11. 14.00
Fri 27.11. 14.00
Sat 28.11. 14.00

Venetsia building
Fahlanderin puistokuja 10

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