Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha & Raimunda Gomes da Silva

Encounters of Waters (Workshop)

Portrait of the artist Gabriela Carneido da Cunha. They look directly at the camera. The eyes are brown and the shoulder-length hair is curly and brown. The expression is soft but serious. The background of the picture is a bright yellow wall.

Photo: Eryk Rocha

‘If the Baltic Sea could talk, what would it say?’ asks Brazilian artist Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha together with Raimunda Gomes da Silva, activist riverine woman from Xingu, Amazon.

Based on de-colonial and ecological practices learned from Raimunda Gomes da Silva and carried out by Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha along the rivers of the Amazon, this workshop aims to establish a space of healing, joy, and fascination.

Inspired by the procedures and practices that guide the work of the Buiúnas network – a network for women, rivers and art, the artist Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha invites participants from different origins, nationalities, languages, bodies, ancestry, crafts, and ways of life, to listen to the sea’s testimony.

The procedures proposed by the artists for this collective experience are the same as those adopted for the research project Margens. On Rivers, Buiúnas and Fireflies, dedicated to listening to rivers experiencing catastrophe, from the perspective of the river. The encounter in a figurative sense between waters from Brazil’s Amazon region and in Europe is seen as a decolonial strategy and a space for healing, joy, and fascination.

The following procedures will guide the work:

  • Dream as a study method

  • Listening to ‘invisible non-human beings’: the dead, spirits, matter, natural phenomena

  • Singing as a translation language between worlds

  • Creation of mediating entities

  • Do not hierarchize the human presence on the scene

  • Only what belongs to the territory can belong to the work

  • Documentation of the invisible and the inaudible

  • Use of techno-shamanic instruments

  • Inversion of Thought

  • At a certain moment, an offering will be made to the river

The workshop happens partly outside at the sea, please be prepared with warm clothing.


Mon 22.11. 14.00

Theatre Academy
Rooms 615 ja Itämeri

Duration: 5 h
Language: English, Portugese

For participant:

Free of charge but registration is required