Festival Club 2017

A pink and orange illustration. There are two texts in the middle of the illustration written with a decorative font: "Baltic Circle

Illustration: Pauliina Nykänen, Kaarina Tammisto, Nina Grönlund / Baltic Circle

The joint Festival Club of Baltic Circle and What the Cirk? is all about groovy music and friendly atmosphere. Coming up: live music seasoned with drag, circus, and contemporary dance, hot and sweaty DJ sets, and surprise acts! Look also for Sleeping Beauty...

The club features performances by e.g. Serot (Helsinki), Anni Koskinen & Onni Hämäläinen (Helsinki), Silvia Calderoni (Rome) ja Mr. Playbackboy (Tammisaari)

Housed in Cirko’s Maneesi space, the Festival Club is a meeting spot that invites every body to have a good time and show off their best moves on the dance floor. The refreshments are provided by Stadin Panimo.

Come by and fall in love!

What the Cirk? Club
Tue 14.11.2017 21:30–

What the Cirk? Club is an energetic combination of electronic music, aerial acrobatics and contemporary dance.

Serot is a fresh act fusing organic groove and electronic instruments. Their creative use of drum sets, loopers, synths, samplers, drum machines and guitars invokes a primitive, energetic spirit that makes people dance. What the Cirk? Club also presents a phenomenal duet by dance artist Anni Koskinen and vertical rope acrobat Onni Hämäläinen.

The club is organised by Cirko’s What the Cirk? festival.

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WHITENESS ON DISPLAY, Helsinki World Exhibition 2017
Thu 16.11.2017 20:00–

WHITENESS ON DISPLAY is a club constructed in World Expo style, curated by students of Theatre Academy in Helsinki. The club space invites the festival audience to explore white privilege.

It’s getting awkward, let’s party!

Bio: The makers are white.

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First Nations Club
Fri 17.11.2017 21:30–

Joik artist Hildá Länsman from Utsjoki and Helsinki-based sound designer and musician Tuomas Norvio join forces during Baltic Circle’s club night on Friday. Based on improvisational soundscapes and interspaces formed by echoes and rhythms, Hilda’s ethereally buzzing, growling and pealing voice meets Norvio’s thick and sampled electronic beats.

#yhteiskunnallistaliiketta #socialmovement

Supported by Kone Foundation

In collaboration with: Cirko – Center for New Circus

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Love Me in November Club
Sat 18.11. 2017 22:00–

Silvia Calderoni is a performer and DJ formed by artistic and theatrical underground currents. Her DJ set is a performance in which the artist’s body and music blend into a single explosion of energy – an unpredictable mash-up mixing electronics, electropunk, 80’s, new wave and trash.

Laura Murtomaa
Mr. Playbackboy: Poliittinen puhe nro 1.

Mr. Playbackboy holds a political speech set in this time, in these places, through these rhythms. A drag show shamelessly borrowing sounds from other beings such as the President and a sparrow. Laura Murtomaa is a performance artist and musician whose interests include (shifting) borders and freedom because “Nobody’s free until everyone’s free”.
–Fannie Lou Hamer


Tue 14.11. 21.00
Thu 16.11. 21.00
Fri 17.11. 22.00
Sat 18.11. 22.00

Cirko – Centre for New Circus
Kaasutehtaankatu 1 (building 8)

Age limit: 18

Price: free entrance €
Duration: Open until late.