Festival Club 2018

An illustration with a half army green and half sky blue background. In the middle it says on 3 times on different type of fonts "Festival club"

Baltic Circle – Festival Club – Illustration: Nina Grönlund, Pauliina Nykänen, Kaarina Tammisto

The joint festival club of Baltic Circle and What the Cirk? is all about groovy music and friendly atmosphere. Housed in Cirko’s Maneesi space, the Festival Club is a meeting spot that invites every body to have a good time and to possess the dance floor. Coming up: hot and sweaty DJ sets, wonderful visuals, texts, poetry and spoken word, and plenty of surprise acts! Exciting refreshments and food will be provided by Suvilahti TBA.

The club space is designed by Hanna Parry, Lucie Gottlieb and Niko Mattila, with the precious guidance and helping hands of Sofi Häkkinen and Anna Pesonen. Artworks by artist Sofi Häkkinen, visuals by MYÖS.

Come by and fall in love!

TUE 13.11. 20:00–24:00

Welcome to the gentle, curious and alluring opening ceremony of Baltic Circle!

The opening ceremony and club are a shared portal to the festival and its themes. The event is not only an opening of the festival, but also that of the dance floor, body and mind!

The opening ceremony is planned and realised by Baltic Circle’s Carnaval project, led by choreographer Maija Hirvanen, as well as the festival’s artistic director Satu Herrala and managing director Hanna Nyman.

The programme resonates with the festival’s themes. During the evening, the audience has a chance to attend a soothing 1-on-1 opening moment, to listen to a soundscape created during the evening and a speech act by Baltic Circle’s festival directors, and to enjoy an energizing performance. Tuesday evening’s programme is created in collaboration with dance and performance artist Maija Mustonen, sound designer and musician Ville Kabrell and Pimeä Hedelmä, a fresh rap duo.

~ 20:45 Opening words
~ 21:30 Pimeä Hedelmä


a space or gap that allows passage or access. hole, gap, window, door

beginning, start, outset, inception, launch, birth, dawn, doorway, gateway, portal, way, entrance, entry, entryway, means of entry, way in, entrée, access, means of access, exit, egress, way out

– –

THU 15.11. 20:00–24:00
LIT Night with Kontur & Ruskeat Tytöt

Baltic Circle, Ruskeat Tytöt and literary magazine Kontur organise a club night dedicated to texts, poetry and spoken word. The evening starts with a Reading with poet Athena Farrokhzad and continues with a club night featuring texts by Koko Hubara, students* of RT LIT AKATEMIA writing school and tunes by DJ Wekesa. The club is hosted by Ruskeat Tytöt.

Doors open at 18:30~19:00 Athena Farrokhzad: Reading~20:00– Koko Hubara, RT LIT AKATEMIA, DJ Wekesa

Koko Hubara is an essayist, translator and the editor-in-chief of Ruskeat Tytöt Media. Her debut piece was a collection of essays called Ruskeat Tytöt (2017). Currently she’s working on her first novel, which deals with motherhood, daughterhood and Yemen.

RT LIT AKATEMIA is a multi-channel creative writing and journalism school for brown girls and non-binary persons. It supports young racialized people in imagining the world through writing. RT LIT ACADEMY produces safe spaces for young people where they can find their own literary voice and self-confidence as well as get valuable identifying experiences.

Kontur is a Helsinki-based magazine, a collective, and a laboratory, mapping the potential of living and writing together. Kontur is published four times a year.

*The students of RT LIT AKATEMIA read their texts in Finnish.

– –

FRI 16.11. 21:00–
What the Cirk? Club
An Evening with Recover Laboratory

The Helsinki-based multi-art group Recover Laboratory takes over Cirko during the What the Cirk? Club to create an immersive universe that is both gentle and raw. Consisting of professionals from the fields of contemporary circus, art, music, video, theater and coding, the collective fills the voids with spirals, lumps, repetitive movement and gliding light. Come feel the beat, the heat, the crazy love and weird fun!

The club is organized by Cirko – Center for New Circus.

– –

SAT 17.11. 21:00–
Love Me in November Club: MYÖS

MYÖS is a Helsinki-based DIY collective, party platform and co-care network for genre-fluid electronic music DJs, producers, organisers, party lovers and allies of currently underrepresented actors in the Helsinki club scene, and anyone in favor of a safer space to party in.

We want to encourage and support emerging artists and producers to perform and get to know each other. We want to increase diversity, inclusivity and respectful behaviour in the local party scene to make it more welcoming and safer for all of us. We want the freedom to perform, dress and be as one wishes without having to deal with unwanted attention or harassment. We want to experiment with collective ways of organising events where everyone can shine at what they feel good with – each one teach one and for us by us.


Tue 13.11. 20.00
Thu 15.11. 20.00
Fri 16.11. 21.00
Sat 17.11. 21.00

Maneesi, Cirko – Centre for New Circus
Kaasutehtaankatu 1

Price: free entrance €
Duration: Until late. K-18