Francesca Grilli

Listening to Sparks

Photo of an auditorium or theater with forest green benches. There are children sitting here and there on the benches wearing helmets that look like metal caps. The children are out of focus as the photo has focused on the first two rows where no one is sitting.

Photo: Carolina Cappelli

Is your hand elastic or rigid? Is the skin soft? Wrinkled? How is the shape of your hand? Are your fingers long or short? On the palm of your left hand, there is your past, the things which have been given to you at birth. The gifts, the dreams, the talents you have had since you were a child…

Listening to Sparks is a sound art work that ties together the palm lines of ten adults and the loves, fears, secrets and wishes concealed in them – along with greetings and rays of light from the Moon and beyond the stars. The work will be created by a group of 9-12-year-olds, oracles initiated into the art of palm reading and clairvoyance.

The work was born from a wish to listen and gaze into the future, to imagine what could be and to bring together younger and older generations at a time when nurturing means the avoidance of face-to-face encounters.

Listening to Sparks is a continuation of the Sparks workshop and performance concept seen at last year’s Baltic Circle festival.

During the festival, Listening to Sparks is also available online.

Working group:

Creation: Francesca Grilli

Words: Azzurra D’Agostino

Oracles: Siiri, Ruut, Olga, and Otso

Diffusion and care: Giulia Traversi

Production: Chiara Massari

Sound design: Roberto Rettura

Administration: Chiara Fava

Production Baltic Circle, Annantalo

Fri 20.11. 14.00
Sat 21.11. 14.00
Sun 22.11. 12.00
Mon 23.11. 14.00
Wed 25.11. 14.00
Thu 26.11. 14.00
Fri 27.11. 14.00
Sat 28.11. 14.00

Lapinlahden polku 8

Language: Finnish and English

For participant:

On the side of the building there is an entry, where installing a wheelchair ramp is possible. Our personnel is happy to help. An accessible toilet can be found on the 1st floor of the hospital building. The piece will be accessible also online at Baltic Circle’s webpage.

If you need a wheelchair ramp, please call +358 41 7170953 upon arrival.