Feodoroff, Abdulkarim, Nousiainen

Autonomiija áiggis / The Time of Autonomy

A photo of a red, yellow and blue flag that looks like the Sami flag hanging in a stick. In the background there is a view of a wintery snow-covered field that turns into a forrest.

Photo: Michiel-Brouwer

Autonomiija áiggis Feodoroffa, Abdulkarima ja S. Nousiainen guhtege dahkki iehčanas čájáhusoasážat vigget rátkit dan dilálašvuođa, mas nu juoga rašši ja oppalaš go mun ieš sáhttá (sáhtášii) riegádit.

Pauliina Feodoroff (Keväjávri) lea bagadalli ja aktivista, gii dáiddádujiidis bokte čohkke oktii dieđuid ja áddejumiid árbevirolaš luonddudieđus, báikedieđus ja dáidaga dieđuin. Feodoroff lea jođihan Davviriikkalaš Sámiráđi, Teáhter Takomo, Oahpahusministeriija dáidaga ja kultuvrra juksama guorahalli bargojoavku ja Rospuutto-joavkku.

Maryan Abdulkarim (Mogadishu, Tampere)  lea luođučálli, guhte lea beroštuvvan friddjavuođas. Servodatjurddašeaddjin Abdulkarim lea beroštuvvan dovdat ja dovddastit mekanismmaid, mat ráddjejit oktagasasaid ja servožiid friddjavuođa.

S.Nousiainen (Savo) studere servodatdiehtaga ja son lea beroštuvvan servodatlaš ja globála (eahpe)vuoiggalašvuođa- ja eahpedásseárvogažaldagain, (ođđa)kolonialismas, ekonomalaš eahpedásseárvvus sihke birasgažaldagaid ja suvdilis gárganeami dáfus, earenoamážit váldeanalysaid ja čáhppes feminisma gárganeami bokte. Maiddái identitehta, ruohtahisvuođa, gullevašvuođa ja etnalašvuođa gažaldagat leat nana fáttát.

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In The Time of Autonomy, the individual works by Feodoroff, Abdulkarim and S. Nousiainen aim to unravel the conditions where something as fragile and comprehensive as a sense of self can or could be born.

Pauliina Feodoroff (Keväjávri) is a director and activist who considers her work as a gathering and melting process of different ways of knowing, collaborating with the carriers of Traditional knowledge, ecological knowledge and art´s way of knowing. Feodoroff has served a the president of Saami Council and head of a working group on accessibility within arts and culture, set up by the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as the artistic director of the Takomo Theatre with Milja Sarkola and the Rospuutto theatre group.

Maryan Abdulkarim (Mogadishu, Tampere) is a freelance writer interested in freedom. As a societal thinker, Abdulkarim has focused on pinpointing and acknowledging the mechanisms limiting the freedom of individuals and communities.

S. Nousiainen (Savo) is a student of social sciences, with an interest in questions of social and global (in)justice and (in)equality through the viewpoints of (neo)colonialism, financial inequality, environmental questions and sustainable development, and more specifically through the frame of power analyses and black feminism. Other strong themes in her work include identity, rootlessness, belonging and ethnicity.

The work group of the performance also includes Outi Pieski, Esete Sutinen, Birit and Katja Haarla, Binyam Schelling and David Muoz.

Leat dorjon / Supported by: Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
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