Rima Najdi

Think Much. Cry Much.

An illustration with sage green, black and grey and a lot of elements. There are pictures of building parts, an illustration of a hand in the middle with its palm facing towards. At the bottom of the picture there is a text "think much. cry much".

Photo: Maria Kassab

Think Much. Cry Much. invites us to consider borders as a construct and to understand how we all are responsible for borders.

As the participants listen and respond to voices, sounds and instructions playing on headphones, a choreography of a migration arises – a choreography about the capacity of the body to overcome borders, especially those enclosing the EU.

In order to research border rituals, Rima Najdi travelled around Europe and met with people building, guarding, fencing, crossing, challenging and negotiating borders. Out of those encounters and countless interviews, she created a radio drama that positions our bodies amidst borderlands.

Rima Najdi is a Berlin-based performance artist. Her work occupies and (re)negotiates in-between spaces. She grapples with the ways in which identity is constructed and perceived, focusing on the lived experience of the body. She is interested in the vulnerability of the body in relation to the politicized tropes of gender, safety, mobility and representation. In action or as artefact, her art questions stereotypes, the failure of language and both real and imagined borders.

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Concept &  realization: Rima Najdi

Dramaturgy: Nadine Vollmer

Music & sound design: Farahnaz Hatam, Colin Hacklander

Graphic design: Maria Kassab

Technical director: Federico Nitti

Production manager: Sigurdur Finnsson

Co-producers: Centrale Fies Art Work Space, SAAL Biennaal, Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival, SPIELART Festival München, Bunker – Festival Drugajanje.

In collaboration with Dialoghi – Performing Arts Residencies at Villa Manin / CSS Udine

The work is realised in the framework of URBAN HEAT project, co-funded by Creative Europe program of the European Union. Supported by Ministry of Education and Culture.

Wed 15.11. 15.30
Thu 16.11. 18.00
Fri 17.11. 18.00

Vuorikatu 17

Price: 17 / 12 €
Duration: 70 min