Elis Hannikainen & Vappu Jalonen


Two hands hold a pine sapling with a large clump of peat in its roots. One of the hands is covered in a gray work glove and supports the clump of peat. The other hand, covered in a silver long-handled glove, grips the sapling. In the background of the image, you can see smoke and twigs.

Photo: Venla Helenius

Thousands of human bodies in line peel back tree roots and rocks, dig a deep groove into the earth.

I've been in that landscape, doing outdoor sports, getting lost, avoiding my problems, and eating snacks.

Valtapuisto is a radio feature that contemplates human actions and desires in a national park, in the circle of destruction and conservation. 

National parks are natural environments and constructed environments. They are places of bodily experiences, environmental change, and conflicts. The work depicts fantasies related to parks: national ones and those related to nature, oneself, and one’s own body. 

The human body moving in the park is awkward, it falls downhill and sinks into the swamp. A choir sings Finlandia at an event by Yle and Metsähallitus. There is a desire to do test drilling in the park. A new natural state emerges in the park.

In the Outo olo art space, the radio feature will be listened to together. During the listening events, an installation is also on display in the space.

Artists Elis Hannikainen and Vappu Jalonen’s practice is text-driven.They create video and audio works and installations. Hannikainen and Jalonen’s works have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and outdoor recreational areas. In their collaborative works, they explore everyday bodily experiences, such as experiences of illness and queerness, means of support, and questions related to power. Both artists live in Helsinki.

The sound design and composition for the work is by Eero Pulkkinen. Pulkkinen is a sound artist and composer who also works in the field of visual arts. Recently, Pulkkinen has specialised in site-specific sound, text, and spatial works, as well as concerts and audio-based artistic projects.

The radio feature Valtapuisto, produced by Yle, is available in episodic format on Yle Areena from November 12, 2023 on.

Working group:

Script and direction: Elis Hannikainen and Vappu Jalonen
Sound design and composing: Eero Pulkkinen
Reader: Anna-Sofia Sysser
Guitarist: Elias Lindblad
Dramaturgic commentary: Even Minn, Emil Santtu Uuttu
Content commentary: Freja Bäckman, Corinna Helenelund, Sisli Piisilä, Halla Savisaari
Production: Juha-Pekka Hotinen, Radiogalleria, Yle

Kone Foundation has supported the work of the artists. 

Mon 20.11. 17.00
Tue 21.11. 10.30
Wed 22.11. 17.30

Outo olo
Vaasankatu 15, 00500 Helsinki

Duration: 45 min
Language: Finnish, English translation available in text.

For participant:

Doors to Outo olo are opened 30 minutes prior to the performance. Admission to the event is free.


You can access Outo olo by wheelchair with assistance, but the door opening is only 67 cm wide. The entrance has two steps, for which a movable ramp is available. Read more about the accessibility of the venue here.


The space has chairs without armrests and mattresses for the listening event. The work contains variations in the dynamics of the sound, but no sudden loud sounds.


There is an installation on display in the space. The artists are happy to audio describe the installation.