Lost and Found productions

Witch Club Satan: Bloodmother

In a portrait composition, there are three blood-covered individuals who appear to be female. The individuals at the edges lean towards the person in the center. The gaze of the person in the center is upward. One of the individuals at the edge looks downward, and the other one looks toward the camera. Their expressions are calm, even melancholic. The background is completely black.

Photo: Martin Losvik

Witch Club Satan: Bloodmother is a feminist, norwegian black metal performance mixing theatre and music in a brutal, hopeful and extreme expression.

The performance by Lost and Found productions is drawing upon the universe of Witch Club Satan that is both a band and a performance. 

Witch Club Satan: Bloodmother is the second chapter, emphasising the Mother/Daughter relationships. The stories of mothers and daughters are massively under communicated, and absent in the classics. The Bloodmother is exploring and creating new archetypes and myths. She embraces and restores clichés from grandiose dramas of lost times.

Witch Club Satan: Bloodmother aims to be a performative and transformative ritual that uses extreme sonic and visual components to create magic. 

The premiere will be in Oslo at the metal festival Høstsabbat in October 2023.

Victoria Fredrikke Schou Røising
Johanna Holt Kleive
Nikoline Spjelkavik
Janne Aass 

Lost and Found productions is a theatre company based in Northern Norway. The company was founded by Nikoline Spjelkavik and Victoria F. S. Røising in 2016.

Lost and Found productions create original work motivated by the feeling of something missing. Their performances have a wide range of aesthetics, but what they have in common is a punk attitude and characteristic visual identities. 

The performances balance on a thin line between pop culture and the experimental tradition of the avant garde theatre 

Supported by Nordic Culture Point, the Norwegian Arts Council, and Davvi – Centre for Performing Arts
Co-produced by Nordland Visual Theatre, BIT Teatergarasjen and Dramatikkens Hus.

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Vallila Stage
Aleksis Kiven katu 17 / Bruno Granholminkuja, 00510 Helsinki

Price: pay-what-you-wish / 19,5 €
Duration: approx. 60 min
Language: english

For participant:

The performance includes flickering lights, loud noises and theatre smoke.


The performance has content that may be disturbing to some spectators.


Vallila Stage is accessible for people using mobility aids. Read more about the accessibility of the venue here.