VeiculoSUR 2020

Perifericu (elokuvanäytös)

A person is walking down a narrow, somewhat shabby-looking but colorful street towards the camera. The street is not from Finland, but it is from somewhere further south, on the street you can also see a young person, a boy maybe, on a bicycle and another person further away going into a building. The walking person has a side cut and long hair on little braids. They have cat-shaped sunglasses, a gold necklace, a pink bandeau top and a purple windbreaker. The person looks confident.

Still from the film Perifericu (2019)

[Tapahtuma peruttu]

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VeiculoSUR kutsui nuorista latinalaisamerikkalaisista elokuvantekijöistä koostuvan Maloka Filmes -kollektiivin osaksi Baltic Circle -festivaalia. Heidän elokuvansa Perifericu (2019) nähdään Kulttuurikeskus Caisan auditoriossa perjantaina 27.11. osana festivaalin ohjelmistoa.

Luz and Denise grow up in the midst of the adversities of being LGBT in the extreme south of the city of São Paulo. Between Vogue and poetry, from church to city access. The dreams and uncertainties of youth flood their existences.

Maloka Filmes Presents: Perifericu (2019)

Main cast: Ingrid Martins and Vita Pereira

Direction: Nay Mendl, Rosa Caldeira, Stheffany Fernanda and Vita Pereira

Assistant director: Giovanne Faccio

Continued: Luane Maciel

Screenplay: Winnie Carolina, Nay Mendl, Rosa Caldeira, Stheffany Fernanda and Vita Pereira

Executive production: Nayana Ferreira and Wellington Amorim

Direction of photography: Nay Mendl, Rosa Caldeira and Wellington Amorim

Production: Nayana Ferreira, Lucas Neves, Lara Fratucci, Mariana Revoredo and Stheffany Fernanda

Art director: Bruna Lima

Art co-director: Bea Gerolim

Artistic assistance: Luane Maciel and Tawane Silva

Beauty: Magô Tonhon and Rafa da Cruz

Costume design: Nayla Tebas and Victor Maximiliano

Sound direction: Evelyn Santos

Microphonist: Juliana Santana

Sound stage: Augusto Malaman

Electrical chief: Stephanie Modesto

Electrical assistant: Georgia Niara

Color grading: Elirone Rosa and Cláudia Rossatti

Editing: Samya Carvalho and Rosa Caldeira

Assisting editor: Kelly Carvalho

Sound design and mixing: Alandson Silva

Sound design assistant: Caro Petersen

Still: Bernardo Enoch

pe 27.11. 18.00

Kulttuurikeskus Caisa
Kaikukatu 4B

Kieli: portugali, tekstitys englanniksi