Seuraa VeiculoSUR-etäresidenssin sisältöjä

Screenshot from the zoom conference platform. The picture shows the small screens of the 15 participants, as well as the participant's name below each small screen.

VeiculoSUR’s artists and curators in zoom 6.10.2020

Toista kertaa järjestettävän VeiculoSUR-residenssin teemana on  “Strange bodies and conflict of norms”. Residenssissä puidaan väestönsiirtoa formaattina, sekä taiteellisen luomisen että ideologisen liikkuvuuden kannalta. Globaalin pandemian takia VeiculoSUR 2020 muunnettiin matkustusta edellyttävästä residenssijaksosta etänä järjestettäviksi taide- ja tutkimuslaboratorioiksi, jotka järjestetään kuudessa kaupungissa samanaikaisesti.

Tutustu tarkemmin kansainvälisen ja monikielisen online-residenssin aihepiireihin. Monet keskusteluista on tallennettu ja ne ovat katsottavissa VeiculoSURin Facebook-sivulla. Seuraa residenssiä myös Instagramissa. Aikataulu ja sisällöt päivittyvät matkan edetessä.

Artist’s introduction / a getting-to-know session:

Tuesday 6, October

Focus: URUGUAY 05.-11.10.2020

Artist: Candelaria Fernandez

Candelaria Fernández (Uruguay) creative artist working in the performing arts. Manager and producer in cultural creation and training projects. Teacher in movement languages and body care. Activist for the rights of subaltern, dissident and counter-hegemonic identities.

SESSION 1: Tiger Practice.

Focus on the place of desire as a site of politics and possible articulation of counter-power. A collective dancing practice exploring and developing ‘choque’ techniques that build volume onto ‘perreo’ moves.

Coordinated by Candelaria Fernandez

Presentation in Spanish and English

 A live session was held via Zoom.

Friday 9, October

Focus: CHILE 12.-18.10.2020

 Artist: Paula Baeza Pailamilla

Since 2011 Paula has worked through performance based on her own Mapuche identity in the city. This being the starting point for her works, questioning herself and her context at a historical, political and social level. Her textile work stands out within relational art projects. She has been an invited artist to various symposiums, theaters and galleries in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia, Germany and Switzerland, addressing issues from the body and racialized identities and their context.

SESSION 2: Virtual Territories and Anti-Colonial Becomings.

Live discussion around the possibilities to contest the contemporary colonial framing of bodies as sites of extraction. What are today’s contradictions faced by our indigenous resistance?

Presenters: Claudio Alvarado Licompi and Alejandra Castillo;

followed by the mediation and discussion with Paula Baeza Pailamilla and Iván Isuzna.

Presentation in Spanish.

Monday 12, October

SESSION 3: Fugitive Mapping. Contesting Visual and Verbal Hegemonies.

Focus on some processual reflections and non-visual experiments addressing the relation between mapping and power. The initial invitation is to think of these in terms of the possible/impossible sensible territorialization of memory and the distribution of political agency around maps. Then follow on by questioning What is usually omitted in contemporary maps? And how to do a map of emergencies that transverse your condition and lived experiences? What sensibilities must be triggered in order to recognize what cannot fit into the map?

Coordinated by Paula Baeza Pailamilla.

Presentations in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French.

Saturday 17, October

Focus BRAZIL 19.-25.10.2020

 Artist: Eliara Queiroz

Eliara is an art performer, articulator and socio – cultural producer. She is engaged in art and education as political technologies of transgression, in which the dialogues and flows by dance, circus, photography, video and writing are states of imagination and development of autonomies for transvestigêneres existences.

SESSION 4: Terreiro Transvestys. Focus on transgender and transvestys movement organization and safe-space, non-normative collective bodies, collective actions, and counter-power. A series of discussions and audiovisual experiments sharing trajectories within the socio-cultural movements of transvestys and transgender in Maranhão, and the history of Santo do Terreiro do Matão de Moreira.

Coordinates Eliara Queiroz and Bailaiada Qualira

In conversations with Andressa Sheron, Gaius Mendonça, Joana dos Santos and Roana Gouveia.

Presentations in Portuguese.

 Monday 19, October

Tuesday 20, October

Wednesday 21, October

Friday 23, October

Focus FRANCE: 26.10.-01.11.2020

Artist: Anna Tjé

Anna Tjé is a Paris margins-based transdisciplinary artist-researcher who uses spirituality and visionary fiction to question the notions of intimacy, trauma, and resilience of the Black womxn experience through performance, video, installation, and poetry. She creates cheerful immersive spaces where past-present-future temporalities meet mythology in relation to various forms of queer eroticism, and family narratives. A candidate at the PhD in Practice (Vienna, Austria), she also hosts creative writing workshops with Atayé, a collective she co-founded in 2016, that focuses on Cultures, Social Justice and the Future.

SESSION 5: Fruits of the Future | Let’s talk about care and healing  took place on Monday 26. October,  where artists gathered at NTH8 theatre in Lyon. The working language for this encounter was French, Portuguese, (possibly) English

Focus GERMANY: 02.11.-08.11.2020

Artist: Anna Konjetzky

Since 2005 Anna Konjetzky creates dance-pieces and dance-installations that always deal with a physical reflection on socio-political topics, the questioning, and creating of communities and spaces. She is third time recipient of three-year funding from the city of Munich, producing regularly new works and researching as the company Anna Konjetzky & Co and conducting a three-year research project Nomadic Academy.

She has worked in collaboration with the Kammerspiele Munich since 2014 and in 2019 she opened the Playground studio space that functions as a space for research and artistic exchange.

SESSION 6: Transitions/Transformations/Translations as triggers for chain events and interrelated actions.  A discussion session between Anna Konjetzky, Anta Helena Recke, and Mario Lopez

Tuesday 3, November

 Focus FINLAND: 09.11.-15.11.2020

 Artist: Fjolla Hoxha

 Fjolla Hoxha is an artivist, playwright, critic of theatre and drama, poet, musician and performance maker from Prizren, Kosova, currently pursuing a graduate degree in Live Art and Performance Studies at The Theatre Academy in Uniarts, Helsinki, Finland. Her plays have been staged at theatres in Kosovo, including the National Theatre as well as abroad. She is a fellow of Theatertreffen Internationales Forum in Berlin. She has worked as a DJ and moderator for various art and culture radio shows for many years and has been a member of various musical bands such as ‘Need to Be Named’ and ‘Gillespie’. She is a regular contributor with her theater reviews and opinions at The Theatre Times and Prishtina Insight.

Fjolla is intrigued by music, water, plants, birds and languages. She grew up trilingual and speaks Albanian, English, Turkish, Serbian, German, somewhat French, Russian and Finnish.

Screenshot from the zoom conference platform. The picture shows the small screens of the 15 participants, as well as the participant's name below each small screen.

VeiculoSUR’s artists and curators in zoom 6.10.2020