Baltic <3 SRX

Mimetic Gush

A neon green background with a narrow black and white image that resembles an ultrasound image or a pixelated photo of the surface of the water. On top of everything there is a calligraphy type of pattern in bright red. It resembles text, but it is impossible to recognize any letters.

Image: Jassir Kuronen, Daniil Mantere

“Mimetic Gush” by SURREXIS is 🅰️ continuous ជ܄Ẇధട஠₌ɺ hybrid performance embracing multiple artistic practices such as live music, live visuals, DJ:ing and ῺƄ⋦শ contemporary dance. It’s a 5 hour build-up towards the sense of collective joy,ᅒᛚ wonder, and amazement.

A mimetic gush is an excessive and often⎚႟ẪLj͒ØॉŦᡫ overwhelming show of emotion of 💗or enthusiasm. It refers to aḮ sudden, strong feeling of inspiration or creativity that could be triggered by encounteringጲơᡀɵ a piece of 🎨 that res°nates⍍ deeplyΗ with the viewer, or by experiencing a moment of profound beauty or aaa Ẇ 333.

SURREXIS is a Helsinki based multidisciplinary artist collective, music label and a platform for organising cultural events and building community. Our projects include an ongoing Soundcloud guestmix series, SRX sample pack as well as club nights in Ääniwalli Helsinki. We’re also running a Telegram channel, where we observe news happening in post experimental electronic music scene in Helsinki and abroad.

Fri 18.11. 22.00

Uutiskatu 2, 00240 Helsinki