Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha

Altamira 2042

Half shot of the performer in a dark performance space. The performer is holding red and green glowing devices that look like speakers. A head piece is placed on their head, with a projector attached to it. It projects a stream of light that also reflects shades of green and red. The performer looks intensely at the camera from behind the head-mounted projector. There are ribbons or cords around their upper body, but otherwise the upper body is bare.

Photo: Nereu Jr

Altamira 2042 is a call to attention for Xingu, a wildly flowing clear river dotted with waterfalls. Its banks, ripples and depths are home to several indigenous and riverine communities and thousands of plant and animal species.

The performer Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha conducts an orchestra of speakers, hard drives and projectors that transmit the words of Araweté and Juruna people, the claims of the lawyer of the city of Altamira and of reporters, the voices of Raimunda Gomes da Silva, activist riverine woman from Xingu, ambient artists, rappers, and artists, as well as the city, the forest, animals, rain, and the Xingu river itself.

The polyphony forms a strong flow that pulls the spectator in to be included in the community of diverse voices and the fight against the Belo Monte dam.

Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha is an actress, director and researcher. For the past seven years, she has directed the initiative Riverbank Project: about rivers, buiúnas and fireflies on Brazilian river beds, with an attempt to shed light on the impacts of industrial land use. The project is an art research dedicated to listening and amplifying the testimony of Brazilian rivers that are living an experience of catastrophe. The initiative comments on the Anthropocene, which in this context refers to the moment when people stop fearing a catastrophe and turn into one themselves. Altamira 2042 is the second performance in the project and it will be staged this autumn for the first time in Europe.

Conception, Direction: Gabriela Carneiro Da Cunha, Xingu River

Artistic Dialogues: Cibele Forjaz, Dinah De Oliveira, Sonia Sobral

Assistant Director: João Marcelo Iglesias

Second Assistant Director: Clara Mor, Jimmy Wong

With texts by: Raimunda Gomes Da Silva, João Pereira Da Silva, Povos Indígenas Araweté E Juruna, Bel Juruna, Eliane Brum, Antonia Mello, Mc Rodrigo / Poeta Marginal, Mc Fernando, Thais Santi, Thais Mantovanelli, Marcelo Salazar, Lariza

Video Editing: João Marcelo Iglesias, Rafael Frazão, Gabriela Carneiro Da Cunha

Text Editing: Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, João Marcelo Iglesias

Sound Design: Felipe Storino, Bruno Carneiro

Costumes: Carla Ferraz

Lighting: Cibele Forjaz

Installation Design: Carla Ferraz, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha

Installation Production: Carla Ferraz, Cabeção, Ciro Schou

Technology, Programming, Automation: Bruno Carneiro, Computadores Fazem Arte.

Multimedia design: Rafael Frazão, Bruno Carneiro

Visual Design: Rodrigo Barja

Body Work: Paulo Mantuano, Mafalda Pequenino

Images: Eryk Rocha, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, João Marcelo Iglesias, Clara Mor, Cibele Forjaz

Research: Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha, João Marcelo Iglesias, Cibele Forjaz, Clara Mor, Dinah De Oliveira, Eliane Brum, Sonia Sobral, Mafalda Pequenino, Eryk Rocha

Production management: Gabriela Gonçalves / Corpo Rastreado

International distribution: Judith Martin / Ligne directe

Wed 24.11. 20.00
Thu 25.11. 20.00

Kulttuurikeskus Caisa
Kaikukatu 4B
00530 Helsinki

Price: 15 / 35 €
Duration: 90 min
Language: Portugese, translation in English

For participant:

The performance contains incense smoke, darkness, loud sounds, and flickering lights.