Katariina Numminen

Asu (A Rhyme for the Stage)

A drawing that resembles of instructions: it has 5 steps numerated and illustrated. In the 1st step there is a picture of a person's lower body and arms that are pulling up an outfit that looks like fur or something fuzzy. The 2nd step is illustrated the upper body of a person. They are now putting their hands into the sleeves of the outfit. In the 3rd stage someone is buttoning the outfit. In 4th stage there is only the persons head pictured. Someone is pulling up the hood of the outfit on the person. In the 5th stage the person is wearing the whole costume.

Baltic Circle – Katariina Numminen: Asu – Photo: Jaakko Pietilainen

Mother, the first dwelling of a human and the first dress.

Humans are animals with missing fur in need of a protective cover.

Garments protect, cover up, exhibit. Garments are neuroses.

Strip-tease. Strip and tease.

Half-dressed. Not once fully naked. Never fully dressed.

A performance is a garment to slip into, too.

Words as clothing and a cape. Words that undress and seduce. Put into words. It is Dressed up in talk.

The piece Asu (A Rhyme for the Stage) examines dressing and undressing as basic functions of both life and performance.

Katariina Numminen is a dramaturg and director from Helsinki. She has made and shown work since the late 1990s. Numminen is interested in different documentary materials, the limits of fact and fiction, play, improvisation, and the relations and meeting points of sound, voice and text in a performative context. Numminen is one of the founders of the theatre group Viipurin Taiteellinen Teatteri, the performance collective Reality Research Center, and the live art journal Esitys.

Numminen is currently completing her PhD studies at Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Her doctoral research topic is “Pause, repetition and gesture as elements of playful dramaturgy.” She has acted as Professor of Dramaturgy at the Academy since 2014.

Dramaturgy, direction: Katariina Numminen
Performance: Laura Rämä, Jonnakaisa Risto
Light design: Heikki Paasonen
Sound design: Eero Nieminen
Dramaturgical support: Tuomas Timonen
Producer: Johanna Autio

Co-produced by Baltic Circle
Supported by Suomen Kulttuurirahasto

Sat 17.11. 18.00
Sun 18.11. 13.00
Sun 18.11. 18.00

Kirjan talo
Kirjatyöntekijänkatu 10 B

Price: 20 / 12 €
Duration: 105 min
Language: Finnish and English