forecasting movements

Kiharahiuksinen naisoletettu henkilö istuu mustassa tilassa intensiivinen katse kohti kameraa. Henkilöllä on valkoinen rento villapaita sekä mustat pillivarkut ja lenkkarit.

Kuva: Forecasting Movements, Ajak Majok

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Imagine you are recording a message that will be archived into a Pandora’s box. A knowledge from an else-time, to be open at a coming-time and for a future need unknown. Imagine a tune, a verse, a movement that could function as a mantra to be embodied by the person opening this box. How would that movement roll? How would that tune sound? What would that verse tell? If you could capture a desire, an image, a sign of what the future would need in order to become the futures you dream of, what would you tell? What can we forecast for the futures to come?

forecasting movements features Ajak Majok, Amira Khalifa, David Muñoz Alcántara, Geoffrey Erista, Mario Lopes, Maryan Abdulkarim, Miritza Lundberg, and Teo Ala-Ruona.

Organised by curator and researcher Giovanna Esposito Yussif in collaboration with Hanna Parry, artistic director of Baltic Circle Festival. Cinematography by Christopher L. Thomas.

The works will premiere as an installation in Venetsia building and will be on view from 20.–28.11.2020. An online version is available here below.

Fri 20.11. 14.00
Sat 21.11. 14.00
Sun 22.11. 12.00
Mon 23.11. 14.00
Wed 25.11. 14.00
Thu 26.11. 14.00
Fri 27.11. 14.00
Sat 28.11. 14.00

Venetsia building
Fahlanderin puistokuja 10

For participant:

The room has a limited accessibility, the width of the door is 88cm and the doorstep is 20 cm high.

If you need a wheelchair ramp, please call +358 41 7170953 upon arrival.