Felicia Honkasalo, Akuliina Niemi & Masi Tiitta

Ghost in the Atom

An image of an all white facility that looks like the insides of a factory or power plant. There are two halls visible, connected with a round passage way.

Photo: HNV collective

Ghost in the Atom celebrates the importance of remembering and of time passing.

The spectator enters a seemingly empty space, puts VR-glasses on, and through this act enters a different, fantastic and invisible world. The starting point of our piece is the world’s longest funeral that takes place at the nuclear waste repository in Onkalo, Finland, 435m underground. Copper encased capsules of nuclear waste will be placed in these underground caves for 100,000 years. It is a surreal, imagined landscape, where everything is seeped in a longing for touching and being touched, it is a labor of love.

The work uses VR technology and can be experienced by one spectator at a time. The duration of the work is 15-20 min. The groundwork for the work has been done by HNV-kollektiivi at the Onkalo facility of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant complex. The cross-disciplinary art collective HNV-kollektiivi works in visual arts, music and theatre together with experts from different fields. The work is created by artists Felicia Honkasalo, Akuliina Niemi and choreographer and performer Masi Tiitta.

The work is a co-production of Kunstventures and Baltic Circle. Kunstventures is an artist-driven production company specialised in the new forms of media art and projects conducted in exceptional spaces.

The work has been supported by Finland’s Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK’s Mediarata initiative and Kone Foundation.

Thank you: Posiva.

Fri 20.11. 14.00
Sat 21.11. 14.00
Sun 22.11. 12.00
Mon 23.11. 14.00
Wed 25.11. 14.00
Thu 26.11. 14.00
Fri 27.11. 14.00
Sat 28.11. 14.00

Venetsia building
Fahlanderin puistokuja 10

Price: 15 / 50 / pay-what-you-want €
Duration: 20 min
Language: Finnish and English

For participant:

The space has a limited accessibility. A wheelchair ramp can be installed on the main entry of the Venetsia building, nevertheless the entry has a 5cm doorstep. The width of the door to Luontokeskus is 90 cm, and there is another 5 cm doorstep. There is no wheelchair accessible toilet in the building. The nearest accessible toilet is located nearby in the old Lapinlahti hospital. Personal assistants of persons with a disability are entitled to a ticket free of charge.


If you arrive with a wheelchair and/or a personal assistant, please notify us at the time of purchasing your ticket, tel. +358 9 4542 1333 (Q-teatteri, Tue–Fri, 11am–3pm).


If you need a wheelchair ramp, please call +358 41 7170953 upon arrival.