Inversia in Exile Showcase

An assumed man singing into a microphone in the middle of the picture. Reflections from the singer's DJ table are reflected on the edges of the picture, which makes the picture look as if the singer is inside a kaleidoscope.

Photo: Eduard Mikryukov

Baltic Circle 2022 ends with a happening in RTI-talo that fills the old office building with audiovisual performances, installations and music curated by Fridaymilk.

Evening’s schedule:

18.30 doors open
19.00 Nolanders at RTI Auditorium (50 min)
20.30 Informals/Неформалы at RTI Auditorium (30 min)


22.00 DJ Shabby Chic
23.30 DJ Nephenthes
01.00 DJ Keepriot

live audiovisual performance (50 min)
by Sergey Kostyrko & 1999Q

Nolanders project reflects on the presumable future of the Russian northern monotowns, based on its unique formation story behind. The audiovisual performance is assembled in real time using audio and video field recordings, as well as improvisational sound synthesis and video processing techniques. It is a mesmerizing cinematic experience that takes the viewer on a hypnotic journey into the pre-human era, through the rumbling industrial heritage to the illusive future of the northern territories.

The Informals/Неформалы (NL/NO)
audiovisual live-documentary performance (30 min)
by Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kühne

The Informals/Неформалы, an improvised performance by artists Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kühne about non-conformity and ways of living in the digital age. This partly autobiographical work uses live music and documentary film footage to focus on the experiences of young ‘digital natives’ in Murmansk. To escape the norms and constraints of northern Russia, young people in Murmansk gravitate to deserted areas, where they improvise with space and create new stories through their digital community and culture. The materials collected from Murmansk are played by the artists live using an audiovisual instrument, which produces new unscripted versions with each live performance.

Installation (textile, light)
Shoplift (DE/RU)

Shoplift is a design studio based in Cologne (Germany) and St. Petersburg (Russia). Since its foundation self-initiated and commissioned projects have equal importance for the duo. Shoplift provides a full range of creative services, focusing on digital, web development, print, identity and exhibitions. It was founded by two designers interested in a systematic approach, where analysis of the audience and development of the scenarios go hand in hand with creative processes. They have participated in Art Cologne and Berlin Gallery Weekend, Inversia festival in Murmansk and more.

DJ line-up:

Nephentes (DK)

Get ready for some serious and steamy mingling with Nephentes’ mix of contemporary queer artists and elektro house with dark divine vocals haunted by the 80s.

Keepriot (RU/FI)

DJ Keepriot is a Yaroslavl-born Espoo-based music producer, deejay, MC and founder of juke/footwork music WERK IT label. He’s been prominent as a drummer, trumpet player and rapper since early 2010s, co-founded acts like Solvychegodsk, GOU, Secondline and several anonymous music bands.

Shabby Chic (NO)

Shabby Chic is a well-known local Tromsø figurine-heroine provider of turntableism, shitmixes and bass. With their playful mixes, Shabby Chic gives the crowd a fun and sweaty experience. This will be her first time playing in Helsinki.


Fridaymilk is an independent art collective from above the Polar Circle. Founded in 2012 and united by Northern identity, the group of Murmansk-based curators, producers and artists are promoting the concept of cultural decentralisation by shifting the cultural centres from traditional “capitals” to remote areas. Fridaymilk is an open reflection by the artists and curators about life in the High North. The constant search for a meaning and inspiration to stay and grow in this area. Fridaymilk develops projects in the sphere of culture, works as a residency for artists from all over the world, and promotes alternative forms of documentation. At the moment the group works in exile.

The event is part of the B2B project funded by The Nordic Culture Fund. It is a collaboration with Pikene på Broen and their festival Barents Spektakel that will take place in Kirkenes (NO) February 2023.

Sat 26.11. 19.00

Uutiskatu 2
00240 Helsinki

Language: English