Ingrid Fadnes & Fábio Nascimento


A semi-close-up of an assumed male. The person looks slightly past the camera and a shadow goes from the center of their face. He has a headdress with many feathers standing up in different shades of brown, all of the same height. The face has black and red painting: the eye area is painted black and the rest red. There are also black thin stripes on the red base. Around the neck, the person has several strings of brown wooden beads, one on top of the other, and a large band or cape made of brown feathers.

A still image from the film MATA (2020)

One of the world’s largest tropical forests once grew on the eastern coast of Brazil, in southern Bahia — a forest as diverse and full of life as the Amazon. In the past few decades, the landscape has changed drastically. Where tropical forest once grew, there are now endless fields of eucalyptus trees, a foreign species that has taken over all other life around it. The quickly growing eucalyptus is used in the cellulose industry, mostly as raw material for toilet paper.

MATA is a topical documentary film about the impacts of industrial land use: it is about climate change and the attempts of indigenous people and smallholder farmers to protect the land that has kept them alive. The Portuguese word ‘mata’ translates as both forest and killing.  

MATA is the first jointly produced film by Fadnes and Nascimento. In addition to the film screening, the installation Killer Forest from the artist duo will also be seen at the Baltic Circle festival, leading the audience deeper into a eucalyptus forest.

Directors: Fábio Nascimento, Ingrid Fadnes

Producers: Boituí Filmes

Co-production: Flume and Ingrid Fadnes

Executive production: Eduardo Ades, João Felipe Freitas, Fábio Nascimento and Ingrid Fadnes

Production Directors: Fábio Nascimento and Ingrid Fadnes

Editors: Pedro Bronz, Frederico Benevides

Cinematography: Fábio Nascimento

Sound: Henrique Ligeiro

Original Soundtrack: Fábio Nascimento

Sound Mixing: Damião Lopes

Sound Editor : Felippe Schultz Mussel

With: Etevaldo Pereira, Rodrigo Mãdy, Walter de Paula Lima, Ivonete Gonçalves

Norway, Brazil, 2020

The film screening is supported by the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation

Ääni: Henrique Ligeiro

Äänen miksaus: Felippe Schultz Mussel

Alkuperäinen musiikki: Fábio Nascimento

Musiikin editointi: Damião Lopes

Yhteistyössä: Etevaldo Pereira, Rodrigo Mãdy, Walter de Paula Lima, Ivonete Gonçalves

Norway, Brazil, 2020

Elokuvanäytöstä on tukenut suomalais-norjalainen kulttuurirahasto.

Sun 21.11. 17.00
Wed 24.11. 18.00
Sat 27.11. 13.00

Kulttuurikeskus Caisa
Kaikukatu 4 B, 00530 Helsinki

Price: 15 / 35 €
Duration: 80 min
Language: Portugese, subtitles in English