Francesca Grilli


Two children stand with their backs against the wall, wearing metal helmets or some kind of caps. The brim of the headdress is in front of the eyes. Children have a hand over their head, as if protecting their eyes from the sun's rays.

Photo: Carolina Cappelli

“I am interested in the sense of responsibility, which I put in the hands of children: their firm belief in their visions and ideas of the future. I believe in a utopia-in-the-making as a social objective, even if it remains intangible and incomprehensible.” –Francesca Grilli

How often do you completely surrender to a child?

Sparks creates a space where the usual power relationships between the child and the adult are inverted. The children become oracles; bearers of mystical knowledge; wielders of magical powers.

As you enter the space, you encounter a community of oracles – a group of local children who have studied palmistry and the art of divination. Their faces are hidden behind masks but you can hear their voices. How does it feel to have a child tell you your destiny?

Francesca Grilli is an artist working in the fields of visual and performing arts. She moves between private elements and the spectators’ space of action, drawing viewers into a boundless space of physical and emotional involvement – often an ambiguous and unsettling territory. Grilli’s poetics highlight the complexities of intimate stories with maximum intensity. Her video and performance works are supported by the element of sound, which she considers the most effective means of communicating directly with the personal and collective unconscious.

Creation: Francesca Grilli
Sound: Roberto Rettura
Palm reading: Guido Rossetti
Poetry: Azzurra D’Agostino
Movement: Benno Steinegger
Hats: Paola Villani
Photography, video: Carolina Cappelli
Advice: Chiara Guidi
Producer: Chiara Massari
Distribution and care: Giulia Traversi
Administration: Chiara Fava
Production: Corpoceleste_C.C.00#, Santarcangelo Festival and Snaporazverein
Co-production: Welcome to the village and SAAL Biennaal
Residency: Workspacebrussels

Oracles: Alvar, Eevi, Ellen, Enni, Heta, Inari, Kerttu, Olga, Otso, Ruut, Siiri, Uma
Producer: Elina Kukkonen
Theater pedagogue: Sari Tupamäki
Dramaturgical assistant: Per Ehrström

In collaboration with Annantalo and Taidekoti Kirpilä

Supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation via Kehä IIII

Fri 15.11. 19.00
Sat 16.11. 13.00
Sat 16.11. 14.00
Sun 17.11. 17.00
Sun 17.11. 18.00

Taidekoti Kirpilä
Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 7 (6th floor), Helsinki

Price: 10 €
Duration: 30 min
Language: Finnish and English

For participant:

Performance is targeted to adult audiences