Angela Goh

Uncanny Valley Girl

A red tinted photo of an assumed woman holding their hands and face towards the sky or ceiling. The person is wearing a pair of goggles that look more like some sort of AI goggles than sunglasses. There is only a blank wall behind the person.

Baltic Circle – Angela Goh – Uncanny Valley Girl – photo Bryony Jackson

Hardware. Software. Wetware.

Veils. Screens. The Matrix.

The history of women and mechanical production has, literally, been woven together. Weaving, looms, switchboard operation, hardware assembly lines – woman and machine have always been closely intertwined. And, in an endless string of science fiction, horror, and post-apocalyptic scenarios, our cultural imagination has also entangled the narratives of femininity and technology.

Enter, the fembot.

Uncanny Valley Girl dives in to the deepest depths of the uncanny valley, not in order to explore what makes us alive, but in search of far more confronting and horrific questions about what we can do with emptiness. What pleasures and horrors can be imagined in the void? When something isn’t quite alive, it definitely can’t die. And with this in mind, the ghost in the machine needs to work out an altogether different way to haunt.

Choreography, performance: Angela Goh
Composition: Corin Ileto
Text: Holly Childs
Operation: Matt Cornell
Producer: Alison Halit

Developed through Arts House’s Culture Lab program
Supported by Create NSW
In collaboration with Cirko – Center for New Circus

Sat 17.11. 15.00
Sat 17.11. 20.00

Solmu, Cirko – Centre for New Circus
Kaasutehtaankatu 1 (building 8)

Price: 20 / 12 €
Duration: 60 min
Language: English