Baltic Circle continues discussion on freedom of expression in the arts: Case Ceci n’est pas…

In November 2014 the police of Helsinki censored the final scene of the piece Ceci n’est pas… by Dries Verhoeven as an act of public obscenity. In September 2017 the Supreme Administrative Court published their decision on the case, overturning the previous judgments by the police and Helsinki administrative court.

The sensorship of Ceci n’est pas… to be considerated by the Supreme Administrative Court

In December, the Helsinki Administrative Court rejected the Baltic Circle festival's appeal against the police's decision to ban the work Ceci n'est pas mon corps. The festival has appealed the administrative court's decision to the Supreme Administrative Court. Baltic Circle feels that the future solution will be of great importance from the point of view of freedom of speech and also for how street art will be presented in Finland in the future.