A Festival for Time for a Festival

Baltic Circle is celebrating its 20th anniversary under peculiar circumstances with the global pandemic forcing limits on travel and public […]

Bright Dusky Bright

…shadows gliding on mountains; the image of wind and cloud,the passage of smoke or life: bright, dusky, bright… – From […]

Vital Vulnerabilities

Hard times call for gentle acts. Powerful resistance is nurtured by acknowledging vulnerability and arrives in the form of great tenderness and gentleness.

Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly needs to wipe their eye first*

The 100-year-old Finland seems to have something of a blind spot. It has built a myth of a monoculture by violently pushing out others; by denying equal rights for Sami and Roma groups and forcing them to blend into the white majority. The myth has been constructed in a systematic fashion and has been deeply embedded in Finnish power structures such as different state institutions and media, not least in arts and culture. It lives inside these systems and has morphed with time into an invisible, white norm.