rampa associations’ inviting precarious perspectives is Theatre Act of the Year

Inviting precarious perspectives by rampa associations presented at the Baltic Circle Festival in 2022 has been awarded Theater Act of the Year at the Thalia Gala. The piece is part of Baltic Circle's diverse project, Coming Stage, which is funded by Kone Foundation.

Individuality and self-determination were emphasised in the program of the Baltic Circle Theater Festival gathering full audiences

Organised in Helsinki on 18–26 November, the international Theatre Festival Baltic Circle brought together 2900 people for six premieres and several visiting performances. The 2022 festival was the last that Baltic Circle organised as part of Q-teatteri ry. Next year, Baltic Circle will continue working as an independent association.

Baltic Circle’s 2022 programme focuses on building togetherness and exchanging information

The 19th iteration of the international theatre festival Baltic Circle is set to take place from the 18 to the 26 November 2022. The lineup includes a total of eight premieres, as well as Arctic and European guest performances. The performance venues represent a range of untypical spaces, from Villa Salin on the Honkaluoto islet, to the RTI-talo house in Ilmala – where the festival club will also take place.

Baltic Circle Theatre Festival organises a rewilding trip to Oravasuo in Ähtäri: “We want to encourage people to everyday environmental activism”

Baltic Circle organises a rewilding trip to its nature restoration site Oravasuo, located in Ähtäri, in September 2022. The ticket sales for the trip have started at Tiketti. Oravasuo’s rewilding activities are carried out together with Snowchange Cooperation.

Sold out Baltic Circle Theatre Festival told about reality: colonial land use policy, care and the narrowness of norms

The international theatre festival Baltic Circle, held in Helsinki, Espoo and Väätäiskylä, Middle Finland November 19–27, gathered together climate experts, marginalised bodies and indigenous artists. Care for people and land was highlighted in the festival week’s discussions and events, which delved into the politics of industrial land use and dismantling norms related to knowledge, bodies and gender. The festival continues with the mentioned topics during 2022.

20-year-old festival Baltic Circle examines the possibilities of performance art and theatre in exceptional times

International theatre festival Baltic Circle celebrates its 20th anniversary during a year when gatherings and travel are restricted by a global pandemic. Such exceptional times have challenged the festival to seek and try out new ways of making and experiencing art. The festival, whose diverse programme was put together by over a hundred artists and professionals, commences on Friday, November 11th.

Baltic Circle Festival Embraces the Incomprehensible

The 16th edition of Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival takes place in Helsinki, Finland, November 12-17, 2019. Its performances and events offers perspectives on the unknown and change. The festival programme also features a discussion exploring indigenous rights and resisting the industrial exploitation of Sápmi, as well as a new independent journalistic work.