An image with hues of green and brown. The picture is blurry. It looks almost like a heavily zoomed in picture from a satellite image of a forrest.

Baltic Circle – A12Be3 – Photo: Olli Kontulainen

The chamber orchestra Al2Be3 is the brainchild of dance artist and musician-composer Elina Pirinen and takes its name from the chemical formula for beryllium mineral and arsenic. On the vesperian night in Kallio Church we welcome you to the concert of Al2Be3 which anticipates their debut album release. The atmospheric and lyrical focus of the music lies in love, death, different natures, anatomy, colours, deities, spaces, and time.

Al2Be3 plays and sings affective, romantic, peculiar and thunderian doom-baroque-synthesis-psycho-mortal-lyrical music that flows through the darkness into daybreak and back again. The orchestra’s journeys through harmony, melody, rhythm and lyrics are inspired by the choreographic and spatial output of 16th-18th century chamber music, and of later impressionism, mixed with dancy music and heartbreak ballads to form a distinct musical language.

The main group of the orchestra consists of Elina Pirinen (vocals, primary composition and lyrics, Kallio church organs and cembalo, pipe organ, electric organ, digital harpsichord, grand piano, violin), Pyry Nikkilä (electric 8 string guitar, pedals), Johannes Vartola (electronics, keyes, grand piano, bass), Ville Kabrell (electronics, synthesis, violincello, elctric guitar), Ilpo Heikkinen (drums, electronics, keys, baritone guitar), Maria Saivosalmi and Niina Koponen (parallel vocals), Salla Hakkola (electric harp), Tatu Hämäläinen (trumpet), Aki Päivärinne (saxophones), Viljami Lehtonen (live mixing) and Jouko Korkeasaari (visual art).

In collaboration with Kallio parish.

Tue 12.11. 22.00

Kallio Church
Itäinen Papinkatu 2

Duration: 60 min
Language: Finnish