Anna-Mari Karvonen


Three beige faces, three pairs of feet and hands pushing through from an all beige background. The whole surface of the background and faces looks like plastic, toys.

Baltic Circle – Anna-Mari Karvonen: Asennot – Photo: Jaakko Pietiläinen

Dancers Elena Leave, Erno Ritola and Miina Mustarinta are working together. They want to reach the eroticism present in everything, to find movement in the power of attraction. The performance shows how an artistic process in the making unfolds before them as a series of experiences of being both moved and touched.

Asennot is a play about the wonder and importance of making art. The performance transports its viewers from one mode of narration and watching to another; it invites its viewers to surrender to intimate closeness and warm humour. Q-teatteri’s stage is filled with experiences of being moved, of vulnerability and of falling in love as interpreted by Elena Leeve, Eero Ritala and Minttu Mustakallio.

“What would acting be like if it did not merely aim to be an instrument, but instead sought with its essence an especially sincere and ethical way of existing in today’s world with all its troubles and threats? What if acting were to both tear itself away from individual psychology and capture, in precise detail, the small nuances and gestures that uniquely make us individuals? All of this can be experienced at Q-teatteri. Asennot is a weave where the clumsy desires and intentions of modern people encounter the unfathomable tragedies that threaten us all.” –Maria Säkö, Helsingin Sanomat 20.9.2019

Anna-Mari Karvonen makes work for theatre, dance and performance stages. Physicality is strongly present in Karvonen’s works that weave into their various contexts with wit and humour. The narratives often falter in their own fatality while creating a frame for bodies – their vibrations as well as their fragilities – evoked by different forces, matters and loves.

On stage: Elena Leeve, Minttu Mustakallio ja Eero Ritala
Dramaturgy, Direction: Anna-Mari Karvonen
Performance dramaturgy: Asta Honkamaa
Dramaturgical assistant: Louna-Tuuli Luukka
Stage design: Jaakko Pietiläinen
Sound design: Tatu Nenonen
Light design: Heikki Paasonen
Costume design: Hanne Jurmu
Choreography: Anna Mustonen
Artistic advice: Emilia Kokko
Production: Q-teatteri

Supported by: The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Tue 12.11. 19.00
Wed 13.11. 19.00
Thu 14.11. 19.00
Sat 16.11. 14.00

Q Theatre
Tunturikatu 16

Price: 35 / 28 / 12 €