Niko Hallikainen

Black Mercedes

An illustration in red and purple colors showing the mouth of a two-way car tunnel and a partial lunar eclipse. The moon is large in the starry sky and in front of it hangs a black diamond cut crystal in a pendant. Lilies and the human bones are illustrated on the edges. A toucan is sitting on top of the lily on the right, holding a coin in its beak. The style of the illustration is cartoonish or comic-like. At the bottom of the picture it says "Black Mercedes" in a slightly gothic style font.

Illustration: Milena Huhta

Black Mercedes is a new 5-hour solo performance by performance poet and writer Niko Hallikainen. The show is a spoken score for the televised funeral of Princess Diana from 1997, which serves as a portal into the unexplored ruins of the collective unconscious. Black Mercedes is a volcanic bathtub that is clogged by 10 kilos of smoky quartz. The performance visions the fall of the monarchy of rationality, which causes extreme sentimental waves, in which viewers are welcome to float or drown.

Black Mercedes deals with loss, heartbreaks, billionaires, emotional turbulence, psychic gardens, palaces, slums, hospitals, labyrinths, secret passageways, secret diaries, conspiracy, the European Union, tax havens, holiness, land and love. Niko uses nostalgia, intuition and suffering as magical practices that produce a subversive space for a new language of grief.

Niko Hallikainen is a performance poet, who makes text-based solo performances that disrupt borders between internal and external, individual and communal, pain and relief. Recurring qualities in Niko’s works are emotional hyperbola, alienation and the limits of language. The music featured in Black Mercedes is written by artist Carsten Nicolai under his alias Alva Noto.

Performance, text, design: Niko Hallikainen

Music: Alva Noto

Illustration: Milena Huhta

Produced by Baltic Circle, Niko Hallikainen

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland

In collaboration with Cultural Centre Caisa

Introduction text by Niko Hallikainen

Fri 26.11. 20.00

Kulttuurikeskus Caisa
Kaikukatu 4 B, 00530 Helsinki

Price: 15 / 35 €
Duration: 5 h
Language: English

For participant:

The tickets have been sold out in Tiketti, but there is a good amount of pay-what-you-wish tickets available for the performance. Pay-what-you-wish ticket sale starts at the venue one hour prior to showtime at 19:00 and lasts throughout the performance.

The duration of the performance is 5 hours, and the audience members can come and go as they wish.