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Festival library

An illustration on a purple background with the text "Festival Library" in the center in a red sans serif font. Brushstrokes or doodles grow out of the text here and there. Below the left edge of the writing is a light sketch-like drawing of a stack of books. At the bottom of the illustration, the text "Baltic Circle

Illustration: Katri Astala & Pauliina Nykänen

Welcome to Baltic Circle festival library, compiled in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Finnland!

The Baltic Circle festival library invites you to delve into contemporary literature on society and art with feminist and anti-racist perspectives. This year’s library gives the floor to topics such as land use and environmental activism as well as the body, sexuality and gender. The books are in English, Finnish and German, including comics and imagebooks for readers of all ages.

During the festival, the Baltic Circle festival library is located at Bruket Café in Cultural Centre Caisa, so you can enjoy a warm drink while browsing through the book selection.

The festival reading list expands the physical library and includes audio and online material, as well. The reading list is already available!

After the festival, all books can be lent home from the Goethe-Institut Finnland, located in Kamppi. Goethe-Institut Finnland promotes exchange between Finland and Germany through, for example, cultural projects. Doors are open to everybody and the offered literature is in German, English and Finnish.

Welcome to browse some books!

The Festival Library is curated by Production Assistant Tanja Becher.

Kulttuurikeskus Caisa
Kaikukatu 4 B, 00530 Helsinki

Price: free entry €

For participant:

The library of Goethe-Institut Finnland is open on Mondays at 10–19 and from Tuesday to Thursday at 10–18.