Festival Sauna

A photo of a public sauna's washroom. The walls and floors are covered in ceramic tiles and there are four long benches in the space. On the last bench that is against the end wall there are 15 aluminium buckets stacked

Baltic Circle – Festival sauna – Photo: Jaakko Koskentola

The last day of the festival starts in the warm and gentle steam of Sauna Arla. Welcome to begin the day by enjoying the heat of the löyly and the coolness of the courtyard, relaxing and refreshing both your body and mind.

Festival Sauna is hosted in Sauna Arla, one of Helsinki’s longest-running public saunas. Originally wood-heated, Sauna Arla now uses natural gas. It is located in Kallio, a former working-class neighborhood where it was founded in 1929.

On festival Sunday, the sauna room upstairs is open for all genders and the one on the ground floor welcomes women, trans and non-binary people.

Besides bathing, sauna-goers get to enjoy live music with Janne Masalin, who considers Arla’s sauna a home church or a small sanctum. Masalin will perform his songs to an accordion accompaniment.

Janne Masalin (1981) is sound designer and musician from Helsinki. During the past year, he has designed sound for both short films and The Green, a performance that premiered at Helsinki Festival. He has also toured with the documentary theatre piece Miehen kosketus, acted as the vocalist for Bad Ass Brass Band at the Pori Jazz Festival, and released two solo singles.

In collaboration with Sauna Arla

Sun 17.11. 12.00

Sauna Arla
Kaarlenkatu 15 (courtyard)

Price: 10 €

For participant:

Bring your own towel and toiletries. Towels can also be rented for 2 € each.