VeiculoSUR 2020 x Baltic Circle

A photo of a foggy landscape. Because of the fog, you can actually only see a bit of the hill and the sky in the picture. In the photo, 5 people are walking away from the photographer. Three adults and one child are close to the photographer, one adult is walking further away.

Photo: VeiculoSUR


Wednesday 25.11.2020

16:00–17:00 VeiculoSUR: Exhibition Space open, Puoli-Q

17:00–18:30 VeiculoSUR: Presentation of the VeiculoSUR project and Individual artist presentations, Puoli-Q

18:30–19.45 VeiculoSUR: Walk to Lapinlahti, starting point Puoli-Q, (75 min)

~19:45 VeiculoSUR: Music performance, Lapinlahti

“Tonight will be a meeting to share our moment, introduce the VeiculoSUR community to Baltic Circle’s audiences, walk together and celebrate the moment. A space for the intersection of dreams and the projection of possible utopias, such as speculating the realization of the displacement of the project by 6 different countries in 2021. For the vast majority, in this terrestrial globe, dreaming and speculating is the fundamental strategy to exist and build new horizons.”

Thursday 26.11.2020

16:00–19:00 VeiculoSUR: Exhibition Space open Puoli-Q

19:00–20:30 VeiculoSUR: Focus on Brazilian Expansion, Puoli-Q

“What is technology? Who owns the technology? What is southern technology? How to describe a technology that was made invisible? How to deal with hushed bodies / existences? The treatment is training or re-training. It consists of reconnecting with the knowledge and technologies lost by Westernization. Talk to the trees again. Reinforce the collective tool. How to intersect our technologies with the imposed technologies? Reconnect with the trees! “Everything that was subtly passed on to me by our grandmothers is real, it is not fantasy or lie or misunderstanding or invention – it is technology, and it is real. Let’s talk to the trees again! ””


Alice Yura – Mato Grosso do Sul (Midwest Brazil)

Malu Avelar – São Paulo (Southeast Brazil)

Wellington Gadelha – Ceará (Northeast Brazil)

Maré de Matos – Mine general (Central East Brazil)

Rebeca Carapiá – Bahia (Northeast Brazil)

Thiago Pirajira – Porto Alegre (Southern Brazil)

Didam Hou – São Luis do Maranhão (Northeast Brazil)

Kerolayne Kemblin – Amazonas (North Brazil)

Peti Costa – Berlin

Friday 27.11.2020

18:00–18:45 VeiculoSUR: Perifericu Film Screening, Cultural Center Caisa

VeiculoSUR is an international residency that brings together artists, activists, researchers, and scholars in six cities: Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo, Bourges, Munich, and Helsinki. Fostering exchange and intersections between North and South, VeiculoSUR shapes the physical and social spaces around it. In each city, it takes various forms from performances to workshops, talks, and installations.

VeiculoSUR 2020: Strange bodies and conflict of norms is the second edition of the biennial residency. It proposes displacement as a format, both in terms of artistic creation and ideological mobility. Due to the global pandemic, VeiculoSUR 2020 has transformed from an itinerary residency to a remote art/research laboratory taking place in the six locations simultaneously.

The mentors and curators of the 2020 edition are:

Maryan Abdulkarim and David Muñoz Alcántara, based in Finland.

Leho de Sosa, Santiago Turenne, Marcos Ramírez, and Andrea Arobba, based in Uruguay. Daniela Alvarez, Marcela Olate, and Ivan Insunza, based in Chile.

Fabrício Floro, Ana Paula Mathias, Thais Ushiroba, and Grace Passô, based in Brazil.

Arsène Marquis, Mäelys Meyer, and Pascale Obolo, based in France.

Mario Lopes and Anta Helena Recke, based in Germany.

In addition, six  practitioners – one from each country – were selected through an open call to participate in the programme. They are:

Fjolla Hoxha, based in Finland.

Candelaria Fernández, based in Uruguay.

Paula Baeza Pailamilla, based in Chile.

Eliara Queiroz, based in Brazil.

Anna Tjé, based in France.

Anna Konjetzky, based in Germany.

The residencies collaborate with

INAE / Instituto de artes escénicas, Uruguay

EAC / Espacio de arte contemporánem, Uruguay

GEN / Centro de artes y ciencias, Uruguay

Casa Almargen, Uruguay

Iberescena, Spain

SESC, Brazil

Goethe-Institut São Paulo, Brazil

Emmetrop, France

NTH8, France

Kulturreferat Munich, Germany

Tanztendenz, Germany

Institut Français de Munich, Germany

Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival, Finland

HIAP, Finland

Embassy of Brazil, Finland

Wed 25.11. 16.00
Wed 25.11. 17.00
Wed 25.11. 19.00
Wed 25.11. 19.45
Thu 26.11. 16.00
Thu 26.11. 19.00

Tunturikatu 16

For participant:

Puoli-Q, Tunturikatu 16

The way to the stage is mostly wheelchair-accessible but there is a 7 cm high doorstep at the entrance and there is no automatic door opener at the entrance. On site of the premises of Puoli-Q there are no wheelchair-accessible toilets.

Cultural Centre Caisa, Kaikukatu 4B

An accessible entrance to Caisa is from Kaikukatu. Entrance to Caisa’s facilities is through the patio of Leipätehdas. Caisa’s facilities are accessible: no obstacles or height differences exist in rooms or corridors.

There are clear signs at the premises. The Festivity hall, gallery and auditorium are equipped with an induction loop. Guide dogs are welcomed.