Rampa landscapes accessibility information

Two wooden sliding entrance doors from the outside of the building.
The entrance to Iiris from the outside.
Picture of the two sliding wooden entrance doors in a large foyer.
The entrance to Iiris from the inside.
Entrance to the performance space. Two wooden doors next to a dark grey wall.
Entrance to the performance space i.e. the gymnasium.
An open door from which one can see into the wheelchair accessible toilet. There is a lot of space in the toilet.
Wheelchair accessible toilet.

Accessibility of the venue

Venue: the Iiris Centre in Itäkeskus, Helsinki.

Iiris Service and Activity Centre for Visually Impaired People is located at Marjaniementie 74, 00930 Helsinki.

The main entrance is located at street level on Marjaniementie, on the same floor (3rd) as the performance space, coat racks and a wheelchair accessible WC.

The entrance is accessible for people with mobility aids. The doors of the main entrance are automatic and there are no thresholds.

The ticket office for the performance is located in the lobby on the same floor.

Photos of the space and information on door and aisle widths as well as the location of accessible toilets will soon be added to this page.

Personal assistants, support persons, and the like, are welcome. Assistants do not need a ticket.

Unfortunately, guide dogs cannot enter the performance space due to a severe allergy of one of the artists. You can arrive at Iiris Centre with the dog and leave it in a supervised area for the duration of the show. We apologize for any inconvenience. However, please note that there are guide dogs constantly in other spaces of the building, so we cannot therefore guarantee an allergy-free environment.


Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the performance starts for ticket inspection or to get a pay-what-you-wish ticket.

If you are late, you may miss important information. It is possible to enter the performance space late.

The nearest public transport stops are Itäkeskus metro station (550 m from the performance venue) and Itäpolku bus stops (200 m from the performance venue).

You can find an audio map in Finnish from Itäkeskus to Iiris Centre here: https://www.iiris.fi/fi/saapuminen

The Iiris Centre is equipped with a sound beacon.

Accessibility of the performance

Language of the performance: mainly English, occasionally Finnish.
Some performers and staff also speak other languages.
You can use the language of your choice.
No flashing lights or haze is used in the performance.
You can leave (e.g. to the lobby or home) and return at any time.
You can move around, lie down, stim, and sit in the performance space.

Visual and audio accessibility

In designing the piece and its accessibility, we pay attention particularly to access for the chronically ill, neurodivergent, and visually impaired people. This focus has been defined by 1. who we (creators of the performance) are, 2. the cooperation with our venue Iiris-keskus, and 3. our resources and what we know.

As sighted and hearing people, we question prioritizing visual experience, instead we attempt to create an expanded sensorial experience. In the piece, information is provided through many senses. Visual interpretation is embedded within the performance. Music, sounds, recordings, etc. are also central to some neurodivergent phenomena. For these reasons, hearing is emphasized in experiencing the performance.

There is an induction loop in the space. There is no sign language interpretation.

Some related written material is provided to the audience, but the material covers only a limited part of the piece.

We provide free earplugs to everyone who needs them.

Using one’s own headphones and earplugs is welcome.

There are no sudden loud noises in the performance.

Intentional space

This is an intentional art space created with crip care and trauma awareness. Our aim is to create what we call R.A.M.P.A. = Radical, Autonomous, Mindful and Progressive Access.

We follow the Safer Space Guidelines of Baltic Circle Festival.


There will be vegan food served in the performance. Most common allergies will be taken into account: the food will be gluten-free and nut-free. If you have any questions about catering, please contact:


Surgical face masks will be available at the event. You can wear a mask if you wish. There will be hand disinfectant at the venue, please use it or wash your hands. Regrettably, you can not attend if you have any you have any flu symptoms.


Please contact if you have any questions or feedback regarding accessibility or accessibility of this event. We are happy to accommodate you whenever possible.


We ask you to avoid strong fragrances. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a scent-free space.

Live stream

The performance on Mon 20.11. can also be viewed as a free live stream. You can sign up for the stream in advance by filling out THIS form to receive the stream link directly to your email on the day of the show.

The live stream contains parts of the verbal content of the show as text, but does not have sign language interpretation. The show is narrated, but there is no separate descriptive interpretation in the stream.