Sokeain kuunnelmaraati, Elis Hannikainen, Vappu Jalonen

Sound drawings

Five people facing the camera stand against a white wall. They smile.

Sokeain kuunnelmaraati, the jury

What does acoustic justice mean, and what kind of world is a world that revolves around sound?

Sokeain kuunnelmaraati, (in Eng. The Blind Audio Drama Jury), consisting of Anne Huttunen, Konsta Suurhaukka, Markus Jalonen, Mikko Ojanen, and Riikka Hänninen, are experts in sound. They navigate, empathise, get intrigued, and imagine based on what they hear. They are avid consumers of sound art and audio dramas, and they are bothered by the intrusion of cinematic elements into audio.

At the event that explores the dramaturgy of sound in society and audio dramas, sound art creators and listeners come together. The focus of the event is on the imaginative power of hearing, and together, we will listen to the radio feature Valtapuisto.

Valtapuisto is a radio feature that contemplates human actions and desires in a national park, in the circle of destruction and conservation. National parks are natural environments and constructed environments. They are places of bodily experiences, environmental change, and conflicts. The work depicts fantasies related to parks: national ones and those related to nature, oneself, and one’s own body.  The script and direction is by Elis Hannikainen and Vappu Jalonen. The sound design and composition for the work is by Eero Pulkkinen.

Sokeain kuunnelmaraati jury annually listens to domestic premieres or first dramatisations broadcast on Yle radio channels and Yle Areena and selects the winner of the Blind Audio Drama Award from among them. The jury consists of blind and visually impaired individuals who are passionate about audio dramas and actively listen to them. The background organisation for the jury is the nationwide cultural association Näkövammaisten Kulttuuripalvelu (Cultural Services for the Visually Impaired). Jury Members: Anne Huttunen, Konsta Suurhaukka, Markus Jalonen, Mikko Ojanen, and Riikka Hänninen

Production of Valtapuisto by Juha-Pekka Hotinen, Yle Radiogalleria.

The event is organized in collaboration with Näkövammaisten Kulttuuripalvelu and Näkövammaisten liitto (The Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired).

Sound Drawings is part of the international Radio that Matters project, which focuses on performing arts, radiophony, and acoustic inclusivity. The Creative Europe pilot project is a collaboration between Baltic Circle, Short Theatre Festival (IT), Festival Parallelen (FR), Errand Sound (DE), Radio Papessa (IT), and PAV (IT), and it builds partnerships between local radios, artists, and organizations promoting cultural diversity.

Sun 19.11. 13.00

Iiris Centre
Marjaniementie 74,
00930 Helsinki

Duration: 2,5 h
Language: Finnish

For participant:

The event is free.


Iiris Centre’s facilities are accessible for people using mobility aids. Read more about the accessibility of the venue here.


The radio essay Eläinharha – Eläimet eivät puhu (eng. Animal Delusion – Animals Don’t Speak) will be listened separately on a shared listening session on Monday Nov. 20 at 16:30–17:30.